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“Sue was a lifesaver. She did exactly what I wanted her to do with my Genesis WordPress site. She communicated with me, was a self-starter, and is very nice, patient and accommodating. My site wasn’t easy, but she worked on it until I was satisfied. ” Angela A.



I’m Sue. Thank you for popping in to see what I’m all about.

After years of working in the traditional 9 – 5 world, in a wide variety of industries, and in different capacities, I decided it was time to focus on the areas I most enjoy and where I can be the most help.

From the extensive list of services I have experience with, I have decided to narrow it down to a select few in the area of online presence, digital marketing, and related areas. 

I can help any business, no matter the industry. I love learning new things so if you need something I haven’t done before, I’m game to take it on as well.

So if you are a physical business, online shop, blogger, musician, non-profit, artist……I would love the opportunity to help you get your business online, help you grow and manage it.

If you’d like to see if we are a “fit” — go to my “how to work with me” guidelines below. 

“Sue was an absolute professional from start to finish. She offered lots of great advice and suggestions on the design of our website and even designed our logo. We are looking forward to continuing to work with her as our site grows.” MyLostBookBag

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I create detailed, targeted proposals for every client.  

You have a business that you’ve put all your hopes, dreams, resources, and talents into. Your business is not like anyone else’s. Even if it sort of looks like others, when you dig deep, there are a lot of things that are different, the main one being — YOU!

Sure, I could put you in a little “box” and sell you a package that could do something for you — but what usually happens then is, something’s missing. We start working, and it becomes clear you need “X”, which was not included in the package. This can happen several times during the project if a detailed proposal was not generated in the first place and can lead to higher costs and more time wasted. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get it right the FIRST TIME!  

One of my favorite mottos is:  

Take the time it takes, so it takes less time. 

This applies to life in general as well. In other words, let’s take plenty of time up front figuring out exactly what you need, and create a detailed plan to accomplish it. That way we don’t waste time and money down the road researching what to do and how to do it.

Browse the list below and if you think I might be able to help, book a free 15-30 minute Discovery Chat with me. We can quickly determine if it’s worth our time to move forward together.

Digital Marketing

Business Setup

Social Media


Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels

Set up systems to help with productivity and organization

Create/Manage your social media accounts

Create your website, manage revisions/updates, migrations

“Life Saver! Sue was able to swoop in and save me from so much frustration when I was having multiple issues with my blog. She’s exceptionally knowledgeable and patient in many aspects of both web design and social media.” Building Our Happily Ever After

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