How to Start a Business Online: The Digital Gangsta Is All You Need

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If you have ever thought about quitting your 9-5 to work for yourself but don’t know how to start a business online, get ready to hand in your resignation!

I was in the same boat a while back. Weeks turned into months spent searching the internet, checking out and trying different “expert” advice, giving up on many, moving on to more. Until somehow I came across Julie Stoian and her Create Your Laptop Life brand and The Digital Gangsta. Save yourself the time, money and frustration I went through and just start there!

This information will help no matter what type of business you want to start or what your particular skill set is. I will use my own situation as an example, so don’t bail because you don’t want to do what I did. You’ll soon see your story come to life.

I will give you details about Julie and her programs at the end of this post. But first a little back story… (if you don’t care about my story Click Here to go to those details now).

How to Start a Business Online: My Journey

This has definitely been a journey — starting in one place, finding other routes, getting sidetracked, finding a better road…..ultimately reaching my destination.

For years I would see one online business after another touting the huge success they were having and think to myself….”how are they doing that?” It seemed like there was some super secret club out there that somehow only certain people knew about.

I just knew there had to be a way to figure it out — I mean, some of these people didn’t seem all that smart, didn’t have huge piles of cash to invest to get started, didn’t have specialized degrees, etc. So I had to be missing something.

Online Businesses That Didn’t Work

Now I did have some experience building websites and selling merchandise through an online shopping cart program for our brick and mortar business. So naturally I decided I just needed to build a website, offer something, and “voila!” — that’s how to start a business online. Well……not so much.

I dabbled in what is commonly referred to as affiliate spamming . You know, where you just plaster the internet and social media with links to products and you get a small commission if someone clicks and buys. (The “expert” advertised this as a way to make serious money just posting for an hour a day. Nope)

There were several attempts at blogging, just for the sake of selling stuff. Besides being quite a bit of work, I felt slimy. MLMs didn’t escape my notice either — don’t even get me started.

I don’t expect to make full-time money only working a few hours a week, I assure you. But I am smart enough to recognize when something is extremely time intensive with very little chance of any reward.

“Aha Moments”

My career up to this point had mostly involved being in a support role for other business owners (a fancy way of saying a secretary, office manager, etc.). I was a realtor a for a few years as well.

I have to admit, I hated almost every day of this type of work. Being treated like a piece of furniture or office equipment, not really given much recognition for the value I added to the projects. Let’s not even talk about compensation. So naturally this type of work was the LAST THING I wanted to do if I was going to work for myself.

Well, never say never — but with a twist. Once I got off my high horse and thought, well, crap…that is what I know how to do. So I guess I have to do it if I actually want to make any money. This is exactly why I was stuck in those types of jobs for so many years also.

So off I went to the interwebs again. I search for information on how to start a business online offering what is called “VA services”. Virtual assistants do absolutely everything an in-house office employee can do, only they do it remotely.

This journey led me to several online resources tailored specifically to VA service providers. I got TONS of information, met other VAs, learned about what I should and should NOT do. There were horror stories and successes detailed. Through all of that, I came to my first AHA MOMENT….

Only Do What You Love

Even though I had a vast list of skills in my repertoire, I did not have to offer to do all of them. Nor should I. I thought, well, heck, I can do it all — why wouldn’t someone want me? These other VAs taught me the power of specializing in only a few skills. I didn’t have to monitor emails, answer phones, type volumes of boring documents or do data entry for hours!!!!  YAY!

I found out hundreds of people have businesses online only doing those things they actually love doing. And they get extremely specific too! If you only like to use a specific program to do a particular task, that’s all you offer. It doesn’t matter if you know five different programs that do that same thing.

This led to my next AHA MOMENT….

Only Work for WHO You Want

My experience with finding jobs involved taking whatever you could find if you were qualified. Did I enjoy working for aerospace engineers? Was I excited about the work from lawyers or CPAs? Just not my thing, sorry. But if you need to make a living, you work for whoever will hire you right?

Along with only doing the jobs I loved, I also learned it’s best to decide what type of people you actually WANT to work with. Are you interested in health and fitness? Or maybe female entrepreneurs? How about only working for writers in the mystery genre? The internet is vast and you can reach so many people when you aren’t tied to a specific location. This means there’s plenty of business out there no matter which niche you choose. You just have to find them where they hang out.

All of this advice caused me to realize I didn’t have to do basically the same jobs I always had before only now I did them from home. But I still needed to know how to start a business online that would actually be successful…….

Enter Julie Stoian and The Digital Gangsta!

The Only Resource You Need – Honest! Julie teaches not only how to start a business online, but how to make it grow past your wildest dreams.

This is no hype about how to make a million dollars in 30 days. None of the normal BS you get from some of the “make money online” gurus out there. Julie is as honest, down-to-earth and transparent as they come. She gives real-world, current advice on whatever you are having issues with.

Julie has quickly become a widely recognized expert in the field of online business and digital marketing. She is known by some of the biggest names in the field. And the fact that she has done all this in a few short years starting from literally nothing, attests to the level of motivation and drive she has. She inspires this in all her students. I could listen to her all day every day (unlike some others).

Julie has come to be known so well for her talents, she has recently become part of the team working with the biggest online marketing guru of all, Russel Brunson of Clickfunnels.

The entrepreneurs who follow Julie have learned how to start a business online in every field imaginable. They are coaches, course creators, influencers, agency owners and online service providers. Many have started small and built their businesses into agencies or brands in their own right.

There are two valuable assets in Julie’s world:

Create Your Laptop Life

Create Your Laptop Life is Julie’s membership program. There are currently over 1000 members of the Facebook Group. I’m sure there are members of CYLL who may not be on Facebook as well.

create your laptop life

This is a group of entrepreneurs and business owners who help each other in tremendous ways. There is so much value handed out in this group it’s crazy. Julie herself is very active in the group as well. She goes live at least once a week and answers any questions you may have. She also has awesome team members who are a wealth of knowledge as well.

CYLL not only gives you a place to get advice and help, but many have found work here too. Members post when they are looking for someone to help with a particular project. There’s even a Job Listing feature where outside entrepreneurs can post a need.

Here is a link to a FREE Freelance Business Planning Workbook Julie has put together so you can get started now.

CYLL Freelance Workbook

And there’s MORE!

Check out this FREE workshop about how to get started if you think you have No Story, No Results and No Expertise:

no story no results no expertise
If you already know you want to join CYLL now, this link will get you signed up: JOIN CYLL

But wait….before you join CYLL you may want to get an entire year for free by joining Julie’s flagship program….

The Digital Gangsta

I cannot say enough about this program. Words can hardly describe the enormous value included in TDG. It took me a while to take the plunge; I only wish I did it sooner.

the digital gangsta

Julie is a bit of a unicorn when it comes to teaching people how to start a business online. Especially how to actually make money with that business. Unlike some of the online business gurus, Julie has done it all:

  • Service provider
    • blogging
    • building websites,
    • running ad campaigns
    • building sales funnels
  • Online Course Creator
  • Coach and Influencer

She has amassed a vast wealth of knowledge and shares it all with her TDG students. Every time she creates something new, it typically gets added to the curriculum. So it just keeps getting better all the time.

What’s Inside TDG?

The Digital Gangsta is basically the equivalent of a college degree in online business creation marketing, management, etc. Luckily it doesn’t cost anywhere near what you’d plunk down for a degree. The other benefit is, you can take each module, learn the skill, then go implement it. You don’t have to absorb the entire course before you can use it and offer it in your business or offer it to clients. There are some modules you may never want to learn…..or at least not until your business has reached the next level….and that’s ok too.

Another huge benefit of TDG unlike normal college courses, you have access to the content forever. AND you have access to the instructor forever (well, you know…..).

In order to show you the entire contents of TDG, I’ve made a quick video walking you around inside my account. There’s just no good way to give enough examples otherwise:

Julie has created a FREE Masterclass for TDG that gives you plenty of information to get started as well…Click the image to watch it.

Digital Gangsta Masterclass

OK, it’s time to dive in… know you want to!

If you want to learn how to start a business online so you can have the freedom to do what you love, and work for who you want to work for, you need The Digital Gangsta and CYLL.

Please let me know in the comments if you have questions, want to chat about where you’re at in this process, or anything else.

I hope you take the plunge like I did and learn how to start a business online. It’s never too late. Heck, I’m collecting social security AND running my own online business.  I plan to do it for a long time coming.

Wishing you much success……

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