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Local businesses know how important it is to have a steady stream of new customers coming in every month. Automated email marketing is the tool you need to accomplish this without spending tons of time and money on your marketing efforts.

Unless your business sits in the middle of a HUGE city, the available pool of potential customers is relatively small. It is important to grab the attention of as many local folks as possible. It is even MORE important to keep their attention until you turn them into loyal paying customers.

Automated email marketing is an almost totally hand-off system for doing just this.

Why Automated Email Marketing

Back in the “dark ages” of local marketing, the standard strategies included newspaper ads, bulk mailings, and perhaps even cold calling. UGH! I can’t even…..

While using a little of the above strategy might be beneficial in some cases…..there’s just so much time and money tied up there. And no way to follow up really. The gold is in the follow-up.

Enter “automated email marketing”.

Studies show email marketing has a 2X higher ROI than cold calling. When sent in an automatic sequence it’s a completely hands-off way to follow up with people who claim an intro offer or promotion. You can then nurture them through a sales process which keeps you in their mind.  The automated email campaign does the hard work for you and you don’t have to lift a finger.

This means that business owners can spend less time tied to marketing activities and more time actually running the business.

How Does It Work

The first step is to have a system in place to capture email addresses from people interested in what you do or sell. There are a few options for this, both online and offline:

  • Sign up from website
  • Request a free resource
  • Sign up to take a quiz or
  • Have visitors to your business send an email to claim a coupon
  • Many more….

The trick here is….you MUST offer these people something in exchange for their email address — something of real value. And it MUST be something totally irresistible. They need to think “I’d be totally crazy not to take this!” So no 10% off a purchase, or buy one get one half off…..  Not sexy enough!

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I know…you’re thinking you’ll lose money if you give away something too good just to get their email address. Don’t be short sighted! Think of the “lifetime value” of that new customer, along with all the friends they will bring to you. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you own a gym. You give away a free week of access to the facility as your “bait”. If your gym membership is normally $50/month, this is roughly a $12.50 gift. BUT, once they decide to become a full member, you will make $50/month, EVERY month after that. Not a bad ROI.

An important note here is, once they get through your door, you must OVER DELIVER!  Make sure that potential long-term member gets royal treatment during their visits that week. You must convince them they would be crazy to go to any other gym in town. Getting potential customers through the door is once thing….making them feel like they want to come back is something else entirely.

This strategy works for every single type of business, from restaurants to attorneys, accountants, gyms, therapists, amusement parks, retail stores… name it. Obviously each niche has its own relevant bait and offers.

The Automated Email Process

Using the gym scenario, as soon as they sign up their free pass is automatically delivered in a welcome email. It introduces them to your business, explains how to redeem their pass, reminds them of the expiration date, etc. Short and sweet.

The next email will be sent after a set number of days, perhaps reminding them about their pass, and offering some sort of tips or a relevant resource.  Provide them with a piece of value they wouldn’t get on their own.

The last email in this sequence would be a “follow-up” email. Checking to see if they have been able to use their pass yet, remind them that it expires. Explain benefits of using your gym. Offer a bonus if they make their appointment soon. Create urgency and value.


When the recipient finishes this first sequence, ideally you would have another sequence ready to go for them to be automatically added to. This is something we call your “Seinfeld sequence”. You know….little stories about nothing. Well, maybe not totally nothing.

You are adding to this next sequence constantly – and all new prospects start at the beginning. Keep adding value, offering deals, letting them know about special events coming up, etc. Just don’t “hard sell” in every email. Little stores or case studies about results for example.

Tools Needed

Wondering how in the world you set this all up? Have no fear — Sue is here!  Just kidding.

You will need what’s called an “email service provider” (ESP). This is not an email platform like  Gmail. It is a service that collects the emails into lists, allows you to build and emails and automation sequences, and also allows you to send random email blasts when something special needs announcing.

These services also give you valuable reports about how well your emails are doing, how many people opened them, how many clicked a link inside, etc. This way you can tweak and retarget for future marketing efforts.

There are quite a few ESPs out there, and everybody has their favorite. Each has its pros and cons. I have used a few — both free and paid. I personally believe the low cost of the paid programs far outweigh the free in terms of how much you can do with them. Usually you end up moving to a paid program eventually anyway, so why go through that? My three choices would be:

ConvertKit: – I am currently using this. If you use this link to sign up, I’ll be sending you a bonus.

Aweber: I also offer a bonus if you use this link to sign up.

Active Campaign: I know lots of people who use this ESP. They love it, and I know it is a good choice as well. Sorry, no bonus here as I’m currently not an affiliate.

Email Tips

Here are some features to use in your email to keep your readers engaged:

Questions: their goals, struggles, needs, likes. Make sure they are asked to reply their answers in an email.

Be Yourself: don’t get all formal and corporate-like! Even a spelling mistake now and then helps make you seem like a real person and not a robot. Add a little personal quirk or story now and then.

Soft Sell: You can casually mention something that the reader may want to check out, which happens to lead to a selling process. You can even put a link to something in your email signature. Just don’t overload every email with SELL SELL SELL! They’ll get annoyed and unsubscribe. By the way, you can promote other people’s products and programs that go well with your own and earn money if you are an affiliate of that person. But that’s another topic for another day (affiliate marketing).

P.S.: Don’t forget the power of the P.S. at the bottom of an email. “Oh, by the way, don’t forget….” or “I almost forgot to tell you about…..”


I hope you’re starting to see the massive value of having an automated email marketing system in place for your local business. It can save you time, money, and if done right, generate a constant stream of new customers all on autopilot.

Other pieces of the puzzle that help generate leads to your crazy good offer are: a landing page or sales funnel, Facebook ads, a blog, a website.

If you’re ready to add this powerful marketing strategy to your business, please contact me so we can come up with a plan to increase your leads and sales. I can help with all the pieces to the puzzle.

OH!! and if you want to know how to bring all this to another level with Automated Messenger Bots — stay tuned!

Get this 86-page guide, including over 45 email templates to help you write powerful and engaging emails.

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